CTH (The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality)-UK

CTH (The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality) At CTH (Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality), our core mission is to provide the highest standard of hospitality and tourism qualifications. CTH achieves this through robust monitoring supported by industry, universities and the UK government regulator, Ofqual. CTH has partnerships with major international employers and academic institutions. CTH …

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AH&LEI (American Hotel & lodging Educational Institute-USA)

About AHLA American Hotel & Lodging Accoication (AH&LA) Headquartered in Washington DC Provides focused advocacy, commnications support, and educational resources for lodging industry Serving the hospitality industry for more than 100 years Representing 2.2 million Hotel Rooms with over 16000 member properties About AHLEI American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) Founded in 1953; the …

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ICHRIE, a nonprofit professional association, provides programs and services to continually improve the quality of global education, research, service, and business operations in the hospitality and tourism industry. Vision: ICHRIE will become the recognized global leader in hospitality and tourism education and research. Values: ICHRIE, an inclusive, collegial association, values creative, ethical and progressive action …

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Highfield International, UK

About Highfield International, UK Highfield is the UK and Middle East’s leading supplier of compliance and work-based learning training materials and e-learning. Since 1982, Highfield has been passionately committed to translating, complex topics into easy-to-understand, visually engaging training materials. It has a wide range of products that allow the customers to choose the material which …

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About Eurhodip Eurhodip is a leading international association with the main focus on the quality, vitality, and public standing of hospitality and tourism education. For more than 20 years, Eurhodip has worked for promoting top quality education and raising the profile of European hospitality and tourism education around the world. Today Eurhodip gathers some 150 schools …

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Learn Travel UK

About Learn Travel LEARN TRAVEL is the leading provider of teaching and training support materials and e-learning systems for travel, tourism & aviation in the UK and Ireland. Travel & Tourism is a fantastic industry to work in and we can help you open the door by providing qualifications through Class room based learning. Our …

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The World Association of Chefs’ Societies

About The World Association of Chefs’ Societies The World Association of Chefs’ Societies, or Worldchefs in short, is a global network of chefs associations first founded in October 1928 at the Sorbonne in Paris. At that first congress there were 65 delegates from 17 countries, representing 36 national and international associations, and the venerable August …

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AIB International

About AIB International AIB International was founded in 1919 as a technology and information transfer center for bakers and food processors. Our original mission was to “put science to work for the baker”, a theme that has expanded yet remains central to our programs, products, and services. Our Mission Empower the global food industry to …

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The Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCA)

About The Speciality Coffee Association The Specialty Coffee Association is a non-profit organization that represents thousands of coffee professionals, from producers to baristas all over the world. Built on foundations of openness, inclusivity, and the power of shared knowledge, we act as a unifying force within the specialty coffee industry – invested in creating a …

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International Federation of Pastry Ice Cream and Chocolate

About International Federation of Pastry Ice Cream and Chocolate The International Federation of Pastry Ice Cream and Chocolate is an association whose fundamental works are to carry out activities inherent to the development, knowledge and experiences typical of confectionary internationally understood as confectionary art. The association has as its purpose the professional formation, organization of …

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About Euhofa International Euhofa International is a non-for-profit association. The aim of the association is to contribute to the constant improvement and progress of hospitality training and to promote the achievements of its members. It undertakes appropriate actions designed to promote and to improve professional education. It is in regular contact with other organizations connected with …

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