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The COBS Learner Portal is an online learning environment that provides students with a range of digital resources and tools to support their education. It’s an online space where students can attend classes, access course materials, collaborate with classmates, interact with instructors, and participate in various activities related to their studies.
COBS Learner Portal includes various features, such as online classrooms, discussion forums, chat rooms, video conferencing tools, digital libraries, and multimedia content. Our online learning eco-system encourages students to engage with their course materials and with each other in a dynamic and interactive way. 
The COBS Learner Portal  offers a high degree of flexibility and convenience, allowing students to access course materials and participate in classes from anywhere with an internet connection.

Studying at COBS Learner Portal is an increasingly popular option for many students. This is due to the numerous benefits that come with it such as:

  1. Flexibility: Online studies offer flexibility in terms of time and location, allowing students to study at their own pace and from anywhere in the world. 

  2. Cost-effective: Our online courses are more cost-effective than traditional classroom-based learning offering same level of credibility and industry acceptance.

  3. Variety of options: Our online hospitality and culinary education provide a wide range of options to choose from, including courses focused on all areas of hospitality operations and management.

  4. Career advancement opportunities: By obtaining our online degree or certification in hospitality and culinary arts, students can improve their job prospects and earning potential.

  5. Networking: Our Online Learning Ecosystem provides opportunities for networking with professionals in the industry through chat rooms, discussion forums and social media groups.

  6. Accessible materials: Our Online courses provide students with readily accessible course materials that can be reviewed multiple times at their convenience.

Overall, studying online hospitality and culinary education is a convenient and affordable way to develop essential skills for a successful career in the industry.

Virtual Campus

COBS Learner Portal Buidling Blocks

The power of elearning tightly integrated with regular in-class curriculum


Get you notes, quizzes, assignments right inside LEMS


Educate yourself with the top-notch study material rightly aligned with your program of study.


Learn concepts, practice questions & get your doubts cleared instantly in the LIVE Classes.


Get access to 24*7 Live Discussion group with batchmates & faculties.


Take chapter-wise Quizzes & submit Assignments.


Learn through high-quality & easy to understand video lectures.


Get Important topics & formulas for last-minute revision in the PDF format.


Stay up to date & get notified every time the course content is updated.


Learn from the comprehensive & interactive course content.


Learn at your own pace through our easy to navigate Responsive Website.

Here you can explore all our courses, use smart filters based on qualifications and job functions to look for a course that aligns with your education and career goals.

Please don’t hesitate to connect us and request for more information. We are looking forward to hearing from you and will be happy to serve you.

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