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All COTHM students and faculty can navigate from here to all the online learning, engagement, collaboration, and career development resources.

COTHM Virtual Campus

Learning Management System

Online space where students can attend classes, access course materials, collaborate with classmates, interact with instructors, and participate in various activities related to their studies.

Students & Alumni Community

Foster a sense of belongingness, pride, and continuous learning among COTHM Students & Alumni while promoting collaboration, networking, and support for one another.

COTHM Online Events

Live & Replay Talks by Industry Leaders

A convenient and accessible way to acquire knowledge, engage with experts, and connect with like-minded professionals from around the world to continue learning even outside of the classroom.

COTHM Online Blog

Online Reading, Writing & Sharing

A great platform for students to express their ideas, thoughts, and interests. It provides opportunities to showcase your writing skills and creativity. Build your digital footprint and establish yourself as experts in their field of interest.


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As all our courses aim direct employment of students or growth in an existing career. If you have enrolled in any on-campus or online COTHM Program of Study, you are eligible to claim this course free of cost, which normally worth US$ 250 .

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Learn How to Use Online Learning Ecosystem Effectively.

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