About Highfield International, UK
Highfield is the UK and Middle East’s leading supplier of compliance and work-based learning training materials and e-learning.
Since 1982, Highfield has been passionately committed to translating, complex topics into easy-to-understand, visually engaging training materials. It has a wide range of products that allow the customers to choose the material which best suits their individual requirements.
Food Safety Level 2 covers a wide array of topics including Microbiological hazards (bacteria), Spoilage & preservation, Food poisoning & its control, Contamination hazards & controls, HACCP from purchase to service, Food handlers & personal hygiene, Food premises & equipment, Food pests & control, Cleaning & disinfection, Food safety law & enforcement etc.
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Visit us to get One-on-One free career counselling from one of our admissions consultant. Click on the link below to get location map.

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