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Direct Recruitment Portal for Hotel HRs

Welcome to our exclusive Direct Recruitment Portal tailored for Hotel HR professionals! We are thrilled to provide you with the exciting opportunity to onboard highly skilled interns from COTHM Global, enabling you to enrich your workforce with fresh talent and perspectives.

Through our intuitive platform, you can easily browse through a readily shortlisted pool of candidates and identify those who best fit your specific requirements. Our goal is to streamline the recruitment process for you, saving your time and resources while ensuring that you find the perfect match for your team.

Get started today and discover the next generation of hospitality professionals waiting to contribute to your hotel’s success!

Candidate database

Why Signup COTHM Recruitment Portal?

If you are interested in recruiting interns from COTHM, we invite you to signup our portal. It is not a conventional recruitment portal where you have to search through thousands of profiles, here you simply create job/internship opportunity, our team will do the rest for you. Our team will only provide profiles of shortlisted students to aligned with the posted job/internship by you.

Portal Features:

  • Student Profiles: View detailed profiles of COTHM students, including their skills, experiences, and career aspirations.
  • Application Management: Easily manage internship applications, schedule interviews, and track candidate progress within the portal.
  • Communication Tools: Stay connected with our facilitation team through built-in messaging features for efficient collaboration.
  • No Fees Charged: Sign up is completely free, with no charges imposed on hotels for accessing and hiring interns from COTHM.
  • Efficient Recruitment Process: Streamlined recruitment process to discover top-tier talent without any financial burden.
  • Quality Internship Opportunities: Connect with motivated interns ready to contribute meaningfully to your organization.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enrich your team with talented interns from COTHM. Create an account today and kickstart your recruitment process with ease!

Why Choose COTHM Students as Interns?

By singing up on our recruitment portal, hotel HR department gains access to a pool of skilled individuals who bring a fresh perspective and a strong foundation in hospitality.

Here’s why hiring COTHM students as interns can benefit your organization:

  • Industry-Ready Skills: COTHM equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the fast-paced hospitality industry.
  • Passion for Hospitality: Our interns are passionate about the hospitality sector and are eager to contribute their enthusiasm and dedication to your team.
  • Professional Development: Interns from COTHM are committed to continuous learning and professional growth, making them valuable assets to your organization.

Simplified Hiring Process:

Enjoy a completely streamlined hiring process that is not only intuitive and user-friendly but also tailored for effortless candidate selection from start to finish.

Benefit from advanced features such as customizable job postings, automated candidate screening, and seamless communication tools to ensure that you find the perfect fit for your team.

With our platform, you can save time and resources while making the best hiring decisions for your organization.

Start optimizing your recruitment process today!

How Hotel HR Benefits?

Pool of qualified candidates

Shortlisted talent pool

Save time on sourcing and screening

Save money

Simplify recruitment process

Recent Placements

Here you can explore all our courses, use smart filters based on qualifications and job functions to look for a course that aligns with your education and career goals.

Please don’t hesitate to connect us and request for more information. We are looking forward to hearing from you and will be happy to serve you.

Visit us to get One-on-One free career counselling from one of our admissions consultant. Click on the link below to get location map.

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