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COTHM has developed a streamlined process to take you through RPL quickly and easily and it’s all online! 

What is RPL?

RPL is the process by which your existing skills, knowledge and experience gained throughout your life, regardless of how they have been acquired, are recognized towards the achievement of a globally recognized qualification. Together we work through a process of gathering and assessing the skills and knowledge you have acquired throughout your career to date.

The RPL process reviews learning that may have acquired through a variety of life experiences including through formal or informal training, work experience (paid and unpaid) or through voluntary work.

In assessing a candidate’s ability, portfolios of evidence can include;

prior qualifications, resumes, references, position descriptions, work examples, photographs/videos, practical/workplace observation, skills tests and assignments and a competency conversation.

What are you assessed against?

Every qualification is made up of a number of skill areas and these are referred to as Units of Competency. Units of competency are statements that describe what industry expects a person to be able to do in their workplace. This includes the required skills and knowledge and the equipment and tools you need to complete a job.

Who Can Benefit From RPL?

  • Have you been working in hospitality (front or back of house) for at least 2 years but never received a formal qualification?
  • Do you think you have gained the relevant work experience, training, skills and knowledge to earn a hospitality qualification? and/or
  • Do you have an ageing hospitality qualification that you would like to update to reflect current industry practices and the additional skills and knowledge you have acquired since gaining your last qualification?

How RPL Works?

RPL assessment is a user-friendly process having following stages:

Stage 1 – Initial Assessment

Step 1: Complete the RPL Assessment Form
Step 2: Assess online/phone/visit

Stage 2: – Data Gathering

Submit Supporting Evidence / Data

Stage 3 – Final Assessment

Step 1: Assessor Review
Step 2: Pay Assessment fee

RPL Certification Programs

Your Career Growth is Just a Certification Away

Fee Package & Policies

For more details contact us at +971 4 288 8895, or e-mail us at

*Registration fee is only paid once at the time of registering 1st certification, for additional certifications registration fee does not apply.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The assessment of your RPL application depends entirely upon the quality of the documentation you provide, which must be retained for auditing purposes.

Upon completion of a course, what do I receive?

The assessor will take an integrated and holistic approach to assessment and is looking for the Evidence of the specific knowledge requirements for the skill to be assessed.

No. Only those who meet the RPL assessment criteria will be granted RPL.

COTHM has developed this RPL Kit to help you provide appropriate evidence across each unit of competency. Please refer to How to build a portfolio of evidence for suggested inclusions.

Only submit those documents relevant to your particular request for RPL, on submission of your documents, you will receive feedback from the assessor. If there are gaps in evidence or a question arising about the quality, authenticity of the evidence, you will be contacted and given the opportunity to resubmit further evidence.

Certification fee structure is available under pricing tab.

Easy payment plan is available and is not required until after the assessor signs off on the units of competency for which Recognition has been achieved. After payment is received the Statements of Attainment indicating partial completion or the full qualification achieved will be issued to you.

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