About GPDP

Global Professional Development Program is based on years of industry interaction and consultation with international hospitality consultants and leaders. This is a well thought and well-processed combination of modern learning techniques and tools that are vital for professional development to face the real world.

The objective of GPDP is to empower students, faculty & industry professionals to maximize performance and achieve their full potential. GPDP is a gateway to the World of Global Hospitality Industry and Global Hospitality Education.

GPDP Portal Learning & Career Development Modules

  • Module-1-Global Recognition
  • Module-2-Global Internships & Placements
  • Module-3-eLearning Courses
  • Module-4-American Certifications
  • Module-5-Hospitality Magazines
  • Module-6-Books Library
  • Module-7-Video Library
  • Module-8-International Admissions
  • Module-9-Academic Scholarships
  • Module-10-Calendar of Events
  • Module-12-Must Learn Content of GPDP Portal
  • Module-13-Professional Discussion Groups (PDGs)

GPDP Members Area

This section of GPDP Portal is dedicated for the GPDP members. Members can access all learning and training modules through this area of the portal.

GPDP Contributors Area

This section of GPDP Portal is dedicated to the community & industry leaders who contribute in different ways to GPDP portal.

There are different possible contributions, such as Internship Postings, Job Postings, Webinars, Speeches, Articles, eBooks, eLearning Courses, Training Videos etc.

How Can Be a Member?

Registration on this portal is restricted to the following:

  • Hospitality Students: COTHM students and the students from COTHM partner schools.
  • Hospitality Contributors: The community & industry leaders who contribute in different ways to GPDP portal.
  • Hospitality Industry Professional: Industry professionals should be referred by the GPDP portal contributor.

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GPDP Members Area

GPDP Contributors Area

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