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Staff training programs at regular intervals provide large payoffs to employers in terms of increased productivity and motivation. In today’s high-speed business environment, knowledge spells power. Executives and professionals must constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills to keep up with changing technologies.  It is important to accurately and carefully assess staff training needs in order to develop and deliver training programs that is the right fit for your organization.

At COTHM  we work with you to understand your organization’s unique business processes and create bespoke training program that meets your specific requirements.

Being a part of an educational institute we continually update course content, tailoring it in accordance with course feedback received from our international academic partners, industry partners and clients. This enables us to keep our training programs vibrant and fresh , with training strategies that help keep our students engaged in an atmosphere that is conducive to better learning.


Some of the Benefits of our Corporate Training programs are listed below:

  • Heightened Quality of Service
  • Faster Business Growth
  • Accreditation for your employees, increasing your organisational credibility
  • Greater staff retention and motivation
  • Help your organisation stay competitive
  • Save time and decrease costs
  • Prevent disastrous IT errors; maintain compliances
  • Increase motivational levels
  • Instil confidence in new recruits
  • Increase staff efficiency and productivity levels
  • Decrease employee turnover and attrition

Your Career Growth is Just a Certification Away

COTHM offers more than 20 Hospitality Corporate Training Programs covering all key area of the industry. COTHM’s Corporate Training Programs are Tailored for current hospitality needs and trends. The courses are delivered by our highly motivated, educated and experienced professionals.

Leadership in Hospitality

A framed certificate is awarded upon completion of the 12 course curriculum.

Duration: 12 Hours

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Code,Program Content

LH-101, The 21st Century Leader – Opportunities & Challenges
LH-102,A paradigm shift from Manager to Leader
LH-103,Communication… The backbone of Leadership
LH-104,To tackle challenges of time – stress – anger & conflicts
LH-105,Leader – a Source of Motivation & Empowerment
LH-106,Leader as a “change catalyst”
LH-107,Various Leadership styles / Leadership behaviors
LH-108,Situational Leadership Analysis
LH-109,Servant Leadership – ideal concept of modern Leadership
LH-110,Evaluating people and working through teams
LH-111,Producing an Integrated Action Plan and Next Steps
LH-112,Activities / Roles Plays / Exercises / Case studies

Supervision in Hospitality

A framed certificate is awarded upon completion of the 12-course curriculum.

Duration: 12 Hours

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Code,Program Content

SH-101,Supervisor as “Young Leader”
SH-102,Communication & Follow Up  – A backbone of any Hospitality Operation
SH-103,Training & Development for the Team
SH-104,Recruitment – Interviewing and Selection Process
SH-105,Counseling – Coaching – Evaluating Performance (Appraisal) of team
SH-106,Behavioral competencies:  Managing Stress – Anger and Conflicts with Teams
SH-107,Team Leadership through Motivation & Empowerment
SH-108,Creating a strong Complaints Handling / Service Recovery System
SH-109,Manage Your Schedule with available Time & Resources
SH-110,Establish a 360 degree Feedback System
SH-111,Managing Productivity & Controlling Labor Costs
SH-112,Hospitality Supervision – 1st step in transition to the Leadership role

Human Resources in Hospitality

A framed certificate is awarded upon completion of the 12-course curriculum.

Duration: 12 Hours

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Code,Program Content

HR-101,Human Capital “The Most Valuable Asset”
HR-102,Quality Hiring & Selection Process “Acquire Best Telant is the Key”
SH-103,Employees Orientation / Socialization “The First Impression”
SH-104,Developing Human Capital “L&D – an Engine of Performance”
SH-105,Employee Communication “First step to Engagement”
SH-106,Managing Productivity through Effective Appraisal System
SH-107,Human Rights “HR’s Journey towards Responsible Business”
SH-108,Employee Retention Program to reduce turnover- disciplinary issues & exits
SH-109,Employees Motivation & Empowerment in Hospitality
SH-110,Planning – Organizing – Leading and Controlling “HR ingredients”
SH-111,Social Responsibility and Ethics by Hospitality Professionals
SH-112,A Journey from “Satisfaction to Engagement”


Human Resources in Hospitality

A framed certificate is awarded upon completion of the 12-course curriculum.

Duration: 10 Hours

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Code,Program Content

SLH-101,Sales Team’s Success Factors
SLH-102,The Consultative Selling Approach
SLH-103,Planning & organizing skills for Sales Professionals
SLH-104,Negotiation – Persuasion and Influencing Others to close the sales deal
SLH-105,Communication – A vital component for Sales Team
SLH-106,Dealing with stress – anger – anxiety to upkeep motivation & morale
SLH-107,Social Skills and Rapport Building for Sales Professionals
SLH-108,How to handle rejections and keep cool in difficult times
SLH-109,Selling on phone – advance telephone skills required for Sales Team
SLH-110,Presentation Skills:  How to present your product
SLH-111,Preparing for the Sales Meeting – An important stage for closing the deal
SLH-112,Gathering SWOT Analysis for successful Business Projections


Areas of Specialization

A framed certificate is awarded upon completion of any of these 12 course curriculums.

Duration: 12 Hours

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Code,Program Content

CEH-101,Understanding your customers’ anticipation of Needs
CEH-102,Effective Communication and Follow Up System
CEH-103,Complaints handling – service recovery & gathering customers’ feedback
CEH-104,Embrace the Notion “Customer is always Right” or “Customer is King”
CEH-105,Three Steps of Service (Warm Welcome – Magical Moments – Fond Farewell)
CEH-106,Service Focused “An Attitude” – Having right frame of mind
CEH-107,Understanding customers’ behavioral styles and how to deal with them
CEH-108,Analyzing service standards vs customers satisfaction levels
CEH-109,In the line of customer Engagement – handling stress – anger and objections
CEH-110,Managing yourself for providing better Customer Engagement
CEH-111,How exceptional customers service guarantees best bottom-line results
CEH-112,How Self Motivation – Positive Mindset & Planning is vital ii Customer Engagement


FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Can you customize a training?

We always work closely with clients before a training to make sure it will meet their identified needs. We can even facilitate a meeting to identify your issues and accordingly offer customised training to address your specific needs and challenges.

Can you do your training within the context of a larger meeting or in conjunction with other presenters?

Sure, we can do that very nicely. We want to make a lasting impression on your organization. Putting our trainings & exercises in context is necessary for that to happen. We will talk with other presenters beforehand to make sure that we are delivering complimentary messages.

Where can we have the training?

Our trainings can also come to you at your office, conference, or retreat. Leave the workplace behind and hold the training at our training center in UAE.

When can we do it?

We will always work with you to identify the best mutual date and time. The sooner you call us, the more you can be assured that we will be able to meet your needs.

How long is it?

Our standard training duration is from 1 hours to 12 hours. However, because each training is customized, we have done results-oriented trainings for as little as 20 minutes and as long as 2 full days.

Who should attend?

We have done successful trainings for front-line staff, GMs and everyone in between. We have worked with all key departments including Front Office, Housekeeping, Food & Beverages, Maintenance & Security teams, Sales & Marketing departments and trainers. We have also worked with cross functional groups bringing different teams together. That being said, a willingness to try new things is the most important prerequisite. Give us a call and we can discuss what makes the most sense for your organization.

Who are your trainers?

Our trainers are smart, motivated, engaging, educated as well as carrying wealth of industry experience. They know their way around the hospitality world with extensive management and front-line experience.

Our rates are very reasonable and are among the most competitive in the hospitality industry. Our price varies based on the length of the program, number of participants, and program content.

Contact us at:

M-59 The Curve Building , Sheikh Zayed Road, P.O. Box: 26967, Dubai U.A.E.
| Tel: +971 4 2888895 | Mobile: +971 56 443 5588
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