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About this Course​

Security officers play a crucial role in making your property safe and protecting guests, employees and the property itself. They do this by effectively handling routine security activities and emergencies with sound judgment and quick response. They are skilled at recognizing threats and securing the property, all while providing good guest service. The Certified Lodging Security Officer (CLSO) designation recognizes how hard these staff members work hard to keep everyone safe.

Security officers may pursue this certification on their own or through group training at the property or organizational level.”

Career Prospects

Awarding Body

Upon successful completion, the certificate is awarded by COTHM.

The candidates can get an optional certification award from our academic partners in the USA & UK.

Further Education

After successful completion of this professional qualification any of below certification path:

  • Continues to gain more Hospitality Certifications
  • Continue with Hospitality Specializations
  • Continue with  Hospitality Fundamentals Program
  • Continue with Hospitality Management Diploma

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