Certificate in Hospitality Management – ICM UK

If you currently work or aspire to work in the hospitality industry, it’s a good idea to understand how the industry operates as a whole.


6 Month

Study Mode

Distance Learning

What is Included?

  • Study plans with flexibility of time and space.
  • Globally recognized and verifiable Certificates and qualifications.
  • Premium subscription to GPDP Learning Resources worth US$250.
  • Premium subscription of Typsy–Australia worth US$96. (Video Training Courses)
  • Premium subscription to Internships & Placements Program to build your resume, and prepare for job interviews, with our AI-based video interviewing platform to land the job you want.
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  • Career Pathway & Education pathway counseling


  • Age–18 years
  • Qualification; 12th standard or equivalent /A Level
  • English Proficiency–Candidates who do not have English as a first language will have to demonstrate competence in reading, writing, and listening skills in English
Who should attend?
  • Freshers/recent pass-outs
  • Industry professionals

About this Course​

This course takes a management perspective in explaining the organization and structure of hotels, restaurants, casinos, cruise lines, and clubs. It includes information on franchising, management contracts, business ethics, human resources, marketing, and much more. Charts, exhibits, hospitality industry statistics, and Web site listings provide useful information that can be applied on the job.

If you currently work or aspire to work in the hospitality industry, it’s a good idea to understand how the industry operates as a whole. You can use these lessons to supplement your overall industry knowledge and become a more effective employee or manager. Having a solid understanding of hospitality industry operations can be beneficial when interviewing for a new job. Additionally, by becoming aware of the industry’s necessary communication skills, you could gain a competitive advantage over other applicants for hospitality positions.

Individuals who want to advance their careers in the hospitality industry should understand how different areas of the industry are managed. If you are thinking about making a transition into the hospitality industry, these lessons can help you narrow down which management area you want to pursue, such as human resources, finances, or risk management. Equipping yourself with this knowledge can also set you apart from the competition when interviewing for entry-level or managerial positions in the hospitality industry.

Education Path

After course completion, students can get enrolled in higher diploma and degree courses for different areas of the tourism and hospitality industry.

Career Path

This course will help students to learn about various departments of hotels and to get an awareness of travel agencies and tour operations in UAE and across the globe. Students can pursue several opportunities in hotels, travel agencies, exhibitions, and event management companies.


Assessment at COTHM Online Business School is a convenient & simplified process:

  • Online knowledge test after each module
  • MCQ-based online final assessment
  • Video display of learned skills / VIVA VOCE

Awarding Body

  • COTHM Dubai
  • ICM UK


Course Orientation
  • Using Mobile App
  • On Demand Live Session
Ch 1. Hospitality Industry Overview
  • About Hospitality Industry
  • Hospitality Industry: Definition & Overview
  • Hospitality Industry: History & Origin
  • Sectors & Services of the Hospitality Industry
  • Hospitality Industry: Products & Characteristics
  • Hospitality Industry: Skills, Competition & Turnover
  • Hospitality Industry: Market Statistics & Analysis
  • Hospitality Industry: Growth & Future
  • What is Tourism Management?
  • What is the Recreation, Leisure & Gaming Sector?
  • What is the Conference & Event Sector?
  • Hospitality Industry: Case Study & Research
  • Company Mission Statements: Definition & Examples
  • Ch 1. Hospitality Industry Overview Quiz
Ch 2. Operating in the Hospitality Industry
  • About Operating in the Hospitality Industry
  • E-Commerce in the Hospitality Industry
  • Food Safety in the Hospitality Industry
  • Sustainability & Environmental Issues in the Hospitality Industry
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in the Hospitality Industry
  • Hospitality Laws & Regulations
  • Understanding Hospitality Law: Case Study
Ch 3. Hospitality Management
  • About Hospitality Management
    Human Resources Management for Hospitality
    Project Management in the Hospitality Industry
    Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry
    Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry
    Financial Management in the Hospitality Industry
    Financial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry
    Managerial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry
    Risk Management in the Hospitality Industry
    Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry
    Waste Management in the Hospitality Industry
    Occupancy Rate: Definition & Formula
    Human Resource Management: Hiring and Staffing
    Gaps in Management: Traditional Functions vs. Actual Behavior
Ch 4. The International Hospitality Industry
  • About International Hospitality Industry
  • Hospitality Industry in Australia
  • Hospitality Industry in Canada
  • Hospitality Industry in the USA
  • Hospitality Industry in China
  • Hospitality Industry in India
  • Hospitality Industry in Ghana
  • Hospitality Industry in New Zealand
  • Hospitality Industry in Singapore
Ch 5. Customer Service & Housekeeping
  • About Housekeeping
  • Housekeeping in the Hospitality Industry
  • Hotel Housekeeping: Standards & Checklist
  • Hospital Housekeeping: Training, Standards & Checklist
Ch 6. Restaurant Services & Types
  • Restaurant Service: Styles & Types
  • What is a Full Service Restaurant?
  • What is a Quick Service Restaurant?
  • Quick Service Restaurant Industry: Trends & Analysis
  • Self Service Restaurant: Definition & Equipment
  • Restaurant Customer Service: Standards & Examples
  • Working in Restaurant Customer Service: Tips & Training
Ch 7. Menu Planning
  • About Menu Planning
  • What is Menu Planning? – Basics & Importance
  • Types of Menu Planning
  • Menu Planning: Nutrition & Dietary Considerations
  • How to Design a Menu
  • The Impact of Menus on Operations & Marketing
  • Standard Recipes: Development & Purpose
Ch 8. Food Preparation
  • About Food Preparation
  • What is Food Preparation? – Definition & Types
  • What is Prepared Food?
  • Food Preparation Terms
  • Basic Food Preparation Skills
  • Types of Food Preparation Equipment
  • Halal Food Preparation
  • Kosher Food: Preparation & Guidelines
  • Food Preparation Regulations
  • Food Preparation: Hygiene & Safety
Ch 9. Food Storage & Emergency Preparation
  • About Food Storage
  • How to Prepare Food for Long-Term Storage
  • What is Perishable Food? – Definition & Examples
  • What is Non-Perishable Food? – Definition & Examples
  • Semi-Perishable Food: Examples & Definition
Ch 10. Inventory Control
  • About Inventory Control
  • What is a Yield Test?
  • Inventory Control: Definition & Best Practices
  • Inventory Control Systems: Manual & Automated
  • Advantages of Inventory Control Systems
  • Inventory Control Techniques
  • Inventory Control: Policies & Procedures
  • Food & Beverage Inventory Control
Ch 11. Marketing in Hospitality
  • About Marketing in Hospitality
  • Hospitality Industry Marketing: Importance & Strategies
  • Restaurant Marketing: Ideas & Strategies
  • Restaurant Marketing: Tips & Trends
  • Social Media Marketing for Restaurants
  • Mobile Marketing for Restaurants
  • Email Marketing for Restaurants
Ch 12. Financial Management in Hospitality
  • About Financial Management
  • Restaurant Income Statement: Example & Template
  • Restaurant Budget Template
  • Restaurant Financial Statement: Sample & Analysis
  • Restaurant Financial Statement Template
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS): Calculation & Example
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) vs. Expense
  • Food Cost Percentage: Definition & Calculation
  • Restaurant Daily Sales Report Template
Ch 13. Leadership & Management in the Hospitality Industry
  • About Hospitality Leadership
  • Hospitality Industry: Leadership & Supervision
  • Leading as a Function of Management
  • Management vs. Leadership: The Difference Between a Manager & Leader
  • Delegation in Management: Definition & Explanation
  • Modern Theory of Management
  • What Is Quality Management System? – Definition & Examples

Ch 14. Communication & Decision-Making in the Hospitality Industry

  • About Communication & Decision-Making
  • The Communication Process
  • Methods of Communication
  • Barriers to Effective Communication: Definition & Examples
  • Communication Skills in the Hospitality Industry
  • Effective Listening Skills for Understanding Customers
  • Resolving Customer Service Complaints & Conflict
  • Decision Making in Organizations
  • Decision Making for Managers: Certainty, Risk & Uncertainty
  • The Seven Steps of Decision Making
Ch 15. Improving Service in the Hospitality Industry
  • About Service in the Hospitality
  • What Is Customer Service? – Definition, Types & Role in Marketing
  • What is Customer Satisfaction? – Definition & Examples
  • Hospitality Industry: Customer Service & Guest Satisfaction
  • Service Quality: Definition & Dimensions
  • Setting & Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • How Organizations Recover From Bad Service Experiences
  • Methods for Predicting Customer Needs
  • Importance of Training in the Hospitality Industry
  • Coaching in the Hospitality Industry
  • The Importance of Team Building in the Hospitality Industry
Ch 16. Planning & Organizing in the Hospitality Industry
  • About Planning & Organizing
  • Planning as a Function of Management
  • Types of Planning: Strategic, Tactical, Operational & Contingency Planning
  • Different Types of Business Strategies
  • Setting Team Goals & Objectives
  • What Are Operational Plans for a Business? – Definition, Types & Examples
  • Organizing as a Function of Management
  • Organizational Structure & Ownership of a Business
  • Organizational Structure: Definition and Influence on Organizational Behavior
  • Launching a Successful Team in the Workplace
  • The Stages of Team Development
  • What Is Organizational Change? – Theory & Example
  • The Planned Change Process
Ch 17. Control Systems & Issues in the Hospitality Industry
  • About Control Systems
  • Controlling as a Function of Management
  • Inventory Control Systems: Types & Purpose
  • Financial Controls in Organizations
  • Internal Controls in Accounting: Definition, Types & Examples
  • What is a Night Audit? – Duties & Procedures
Ch 18. Hotel Classifications & Operations
  • About Hotel Classifications
  • Hotel Types & Classifications
  • Franchises: Opportunities and Challenges
  • The Role of Property Management in Real Estate
  • Hotel Rooms Departments & Functions
Ch 19. Food, Beverage & Alcohol Operations
  • About Alcohol Operations
  • Alcohol as a Revenue Generator
  • Restaurant Liability with Alcohol Sales
Ch 20. Restaurant Organization & Operations Overview
  • About Restaurant Organization
  • Restaurant Organizational Structure
  • Restaurant Organizational Chart: Template & Sample
  • Restaurant Operating Expenses: Types & Examples
  • How to Get a Restaurant License
  • How to Write a Restaurant Business Plan
Ch 21. Tourism & Recreation
  • About Tourism & Recreation
  • Relationship Between Tourism & Hospitality
  • Why do People Travel?
  • Economic Impact of Tourism
  • Promoters vs. Organizations in Tourism
  • Ecotourism: Definition & Benefits
  • Health & Wellness: Definition and Dimensions
  • Leisure Activities of Adults: Types, Benefits & Examples
  • Recreation & Leisure: Activities & Programs
  • National Parks in the US: Governing Agencies and Areas of Concern
Ch 22. Gaming Industry Overview
  • About Gaming Industry
  • Revenue Generation in the Gaming Industry
  • History of Gambling & Casinos in the U.S.
  • Modern Casinos & Casino Operations
  • Lotteries: Finding Expected Values of Games of Chance
Ch 23. Meetings, Conventions, Expositions & Special Events
  • About Meetings & Conventions
  • Types of Business Meetings: Formal & Informal
  • Preparing, Conducting, and Contributing to Productive Meetings
  • Types of Meetings, Conventions, Expositions & Special Events
  • Destination Management Companies: Contractors & Conventions
  • Assignments-Certificate in Hospitality Management
Final Examination
  • Final Examination Guidelines
    Final Examination-Certificate in Hospitality Management

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