Have you ever wondered, “Has Life been worth Living in Hotels?” This is a big and complicated question that many Hotel Managers and Hotel Workers consider throughout their careers … sometimes without coming to a real conclusion?

You may not yet have discovered your unique gifts or talents that give you a sense of purpose and excite you during Hotel work? But what should Your Hotel Working Life be all about?

Perhaps the point of Hotel Life is to enjoy the journey you are on rather than constantly looking toward an outcome or destination? Perhaps you should have been Happy and should have been continuously making other people Happy within the Hotel? You should have chosen Peace?

Maybe it would have been useful if you had tried to become the greatest version of yourself whilst in the Hotel? You will have discovered your surroundings by learning about the world and absorbed endless knowledge through reading, studying and learning new skills? You will have become a Life-Long Learner.

Will you have passed along your knowledge and inner wealth to inspire those who come after you? Could future generations in the Hotel have learnt from your joys and sacrifices?

No matter what has happened in your Hotel life; good or bad, have you been empowered to make your own choices and decisions? Have you solved problems? Have you lived fearlessly?

In the Hotel did you honour your own values, goals and beliefs? Were you Authentic? Did you recognize a clear vision? Did you connect your own heart and mind with the hearts and minds of the people around you within the Hotel?

Perhaps you made a Positive Impact in the Hotel? Even if you made a positive impact by making a difference in just one other person's life? Always remember that a Hotelier can always make an impact on their shift, their Department, their Hotel, their community and the larger world around them if they try harder enough?

You will be just one ripple in the larger ocean of Hospitality life, but your ripple can spread far and wide, leaving your Hotel Life, the Hotel world and the Hotel people around you in a better place?

In your Hotel Life you often must make something out of nothing and exit as far as you can with no regrets? Perhaps the ultimate point of a Hotel Life is to be able to look back at the end of your Hotel Life and feel happy and satisfied rather than wondering what was the point of living? You can start doing these things today.

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