Getting Social with Social Media

Social media is more than ROI (return on investment) in hotel marketing now. It’s more than a channel. It’s the face of your organization culture, leadership, people aspirations, well-being and happiness. These attributes if managed professionally can give you an edge over the other brands. Usually you create channels to share stories to promote your service. These stories can be as catchy, as inspiring as your people management. To stand out of the crowded market of buzzwords and social media evolution requires a more comprehensive & targeted people management approach. Make focus groups across the departments and share insights related to guests’ social media experiences and make a shared social media strategy.

Home Outside Your Home

Your hotel is more than you offer. Giving at home like feeling to guests need designing an experience combining amenities, service culture and people who serve. It’s well said that your services is as good as your people. Giving a home like experience sets you apart from the market and helps you attract more guests consistently. Build a warm friendly culture with you teams and help them build the organization culture.

Big Data in the Hotel

Data plays very critical role in developing your brand today. Technological advancements are enabling hospitality industry to develop more personalized, efficient and meaningful customer and employee experience journeys. Highly skilled, motivated and enabled employees using the guests management system can only anticipate the needs of the guests before they arrive if they are empowered and developed in tech savvy culture to serve tech savvy guests. Managers must be able to analyze data trends of the industry and of their property. Develop open data sharing culture among the teams and share data management impacts across the departments to leverage the use of implemented information management systems.

Multi-Generational Guests

Today’s travelers vary in age. To cater diverse group of guests across the hotel facilities is challenging task. Managers need to be developed in such a manner that they must encourage diversity, creative problem solving and innovative thinking with open communication within the teams. Solving guests’ issues before they arise requires constant development of people mindset across the departments and teams. Share success stories of your hotel with teams to promote success attitude.

Hybrid Culture with Global Mindset  

As international leisure travel is on the rise so as the influx of international visitors. Teams need to be developed with multicultural and global mindset to cater global travelers. Creating this kind of diversified team culture requires gung-ho effort from the managers. Developing a harmonious relationship among the staff fueled by empathy and compassion generates wow customer experiences. It can only happen when you promote and appreciate diversity & inclusion in your teams.

Happy Guests Happy Numbers

Highly engaged employees help grow revenues, according to Bain & Company. Providing meaningful experience both to guests and employees compliments business strategy. Guests show loyalty and employees show engagement both factors play critical role in generating the revenues. Manager must be able to connect the two by managing & aligning skills and by taking frequent feedback from guests and by giving timely feedback to employees. Managers must coach and develop teams to sustain the business results and enhance overall well-being of employees.

Some Research Stories

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