As a Hotel Manager we often hear advice like, "Think positive, and good things will happen," or, "Try your hardest, and eventually things will work out."

While such words from the Hotel Manager certainly have merit, these well-meaning suggestions won't always help you reach your goals in these uncertain times of Viruses.

But whether you're working on becoming a more efficient Hotel Duty Manager or a more effective and profitable Hotel General Manager in the year ahead, building mental strength will help you reach your goals.

Mentally strong Hotel Managers simply don't waste time feeling sorry for themselves. Mentally strong Hoteliers don't waste their time and energy thinking about their problems, instead they focus on creating their solutions.

Mentally strong Hoteliers don’t fear change. Mentally strong Hoteliers don’t waste energy on things in their Hotel they can’t control; they don’t fear taking risks. But, I appreciate that does not always happen realistically in Hotels.

Mentally strong Hoteliers don't resent other people's success. Never give up after failing. It's normal to feel embarrassed, discouraged, and downright defeated when your first attempts don't work for whatever reason.

Do not fear alone time. Time by yourself in the Hotel is an essential component to building mental Hotel Manager strength. Do not feel the Hotel or your Department owes you anything and do not expect immediate results on shift or during your career.

Wouldn't it be nice if everything in the world of Hospitality, viruses and the life of a Hotelier could happen at the touch of a button? But we must appreciate that our valuable self-growth development occurs at more of slower speed, rather than at a lightning speed.

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