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Hospitality Plus Magazine

Hospitality Plus is a monthly publication of COTHM which is used as an effective print media tool to project our point-of-view involving the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

This exclusive publication is meant for hoteliers who comprise some 35% of our total target audience. The remaining 65% are the executives from travel companies, research firms, marketing companies, technology suppliers and service providers to the hospitality industry, publishers, colleges, universities and the corporate sector in general. In all some 80% of the readers occupy top management positions.

Advertising in this publication will unfold marvelous opportunities for you to Enhance Your Brand Presence and Build Your Corporate Image.

GHTF (Global Tourism & Hospitality Forum)

The main objective of COTHM Hospitality Forum is to establish a tourism and hospitality knowledge sharing platform and to collaboration with both private and public sectors to share their experiences by providing professional support through lectures and seminars to the tourism, travel, culinary and hospitality industry professionals and general public.