Professional Skills Assessment Program

Professional Skills Assessment Program

The Global Skills Assessment Program, developed by COTHM Dubai, is a program designed to objectively assess hospitality operations, focused specifically on the core skills required for hospitality staff, as defined by international standards and industry best practices.


We continually evolve our services, incorporating the latest trends and innovations. Every member of our team of experts has a background in Hospitality which ensures that your team learn & enjoys an exceptional experience before, during and after their skills assessment.


With years of industry experience – you can depend on us to consistently deliver a high-quality service so that your staff can realize its full potential.


The Program has been developed to assess and recognize the skills, knowledge and experience of chefs and culinary professionals.
Culinary professionals go through a formal written, behavioral & psychometric & technical assessments.
This is a unique assessment program for culinary professionals. It has been developed in partnership with industry professionals, culinary expert from across the region.

Why Trust COTHM Dubai

We are team of professionally competent top consultants from the hospitality industry

Culinary Skills Assessment Program by COTHM Dubai

  • Get your Culinary Team evaluated by International Team of Chefs by COTHM Dubai.
  • Get the skill level of your culinary staff assessed across multiple cuisines in the context of international standards.
  • Take management decision for staff development through  COTHM’s Formative & Summative assessment

Why Culinary Assessment through COTHM Dubai :

  • COTHM Dubai has conducted the on-job assessment of 100s of Culinary Staff of renowned hotel brands like SOFITEL Cairo -Egypt.
  • Project scope covered Customized Proposal through NBA,  Designing of Assessment Program & Execution through COTHM’s Culinary Consultants.
  • Skills of SOFITEL Cairo Culinary Staff (Commis to Chef de-Cuisine)  were assessed through practical, written & behavioral testing.
  • Cooking proficiencies were evaluated by judging multiple international cuisines for all positions from Commis to Chef de-Cuisine.
  • A practical assessment was carried out in the context of professional standards applicable in international chef’s industry. Tested cuisines included Italian, French, Moroccan, Arabic, Oriental, Pak-Indian, Continental, Culinary Skills & area covered were presentation, cooking techniques, butchery skills & patisserie arts, recipe writing,  menu planning, hygiene sense & kitchen tools management.

We understand on-job assessment challenges:

Challenge #1: It is difficult to execute on job assessment while keeping day to day business running.

COTHM response: Our back office experts pre-plan scheduling in consultation with client’s HR & our execution team of experts flexibly manages time and activities. Our assessment keeps the business moving by swift team adjustments.

Challenge #2:  On-Job, staff feels panic, and may make operational mistakes under pressure

COTHM response: Philosophy of our skills assessment program is more engaging instead of interrogative. The full on-boarding process is done to create a conducive assessment environment that reflects the objective of assessment as an engaging, developing and fun activity for the staff members.

Challenge #3: Ill-planned assessment can affect day-to-day operations

COTHM response: Our Team of assessors is a combination of academic experts and industry professionals. Our skills assessment program is tailored to involve intensive pre-planning of the assessment with the operations team through moc-ups and simulations.

Challenge #4: Reports of Such Assessments are Clutter and they are more results of the assessment.

COTHM response: Our profound understanding of the academic and professional side of the industry helps us objectively outlined analytical report that includes recommendations towards further individual performance enhancement and organizational business growth.

Culinary Arts Employee Assessment Tests

Culinary arts employee assessment tests can give you the information you need to improve workforce performance. At COTHM Management Consultancy, we help businesses around the globe by offering standardized and customized tests and provide informative & analytical management reports.

Whether you run a restaurant or operate a wholesale bakery, you rely on your staff day in and day out. If you want to invest in your employees, the value of a job skills assessment can’t be overstated. With our reports, you’ll be able to make informed management decisions and create a precise plan for developing your staff.

It’s time to take advantage of the culinary arts employee assessment tests available through COTHM Dubai’s Consultancy Services .





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