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CEO’s Message

CEO's Message

Our commitment to excellence in producing the qualified and competent human resource has always remained the first and foremost preference. The hallmark of quality runs through the entire network of COTHM Hotel Schools across Pakistan and UAE. Over the last decade, we have immensely enriched our services for the hospitality, travel and tourism industry from providing it with an educated lot of the most dynamic and talented young graduates in hospitality, culinary arts and travel & tourism management to offering a wide range of customized training programs for the professionals already serving the industry.

COTHM Dubai, which is strongly backed by the expanding network of Hotel Schools in Pakistan, creates a strong nexus with the hospitality, travel and tourism industry in the UAE in particular and the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia in general. Being affiliated with and recognized by most credible and internationally-acclaimed academic partners from the UK, Europe and the USA, we are setting new standards of quality human resource which becomes the most preferred choice of the industry internationally. We strongly aim at building rapport and goodwill with the top brands in the industry and to fulfill their human resource needs and requirements by not just meeting their expectations but rather exceeding their expectations. In our journey of success and growth, we are on the move to explore new horizons of brilliance in delivery of our services to the hospitality, travel and tourism industry globally!

Ahmad Shafiq

Chief Executive Officer
COTHM Pakistan & Dubai